About the cattery:


1. Our cattery is registrated by FIFE. Each cat visits the shows and receives a marks  from judges in adult class before mating. Kittens about 2 months of  age are seen by expert-felinology at the club. Only after that kitten can receive their pedigree. 


2. All parents of the kittens are have checks on genetic and viral deseases.


3. It is very important for us that in what hands we give our kittens. If you have interest in our kitten, please, write to us information about you (about your pets, your cattery, your house and you).  We are hope for the friendship in the future.


4. Right now we can to say that our kittens lives in a lot countries. Our kittens lives in: USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, England. They are living like pets & breeding cats. Delivery to other country is no problem. Kittens flying with courier in cabine (not cargo).

       Our kittens move to  new house after full vaccination (after 4 months of age). They are will have a veterinary passport with full vaccination, microchip, pedigree  & transfer by FIFE, copy of analisys parents on the genetic & virus deseases




Sorry, right now we are can not to offer any available kittens. In November we are planning to have some new litters. Please see our Plans

Information about our next litters, please, see in the part of our PLANS.

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Russia, Moscow

e-mail: goldensiberian@yandex.ru

tel number (rus): 8-968-719-03-48