A lot generations from his pedigree can be proud of his grandson Edwin.

We are very proud of this male. He has very strong type, very nice show-temperament & all judges are loves him.


Strong bones, nice wide paws, good coat, nice wide head with whide muzzle, nice profile & ears, nice green eyes, whide nose.


name of the show, city

29-30/11/14, Moscow

club Astra, "the Star-2014"

20-21/12/14, Moscow


"Sibirskoe chudo-2014"







09-10/01/15, Moscow

KLK Mysticat

28/02/2015, Moscow

Felis club

21-22/03/15, Moscow

08/03/2015, Moscow, Felidae

 system: WCF


 junior class






junior class










junior class



junior class

open class

system: FIFE

open class


 CACJx2, NOM BISx2, 1st & 5 place of WCF ring-kitten, Best of Best Junior (second day of the show)

CACJx2, NOM BISx2, 1st & 7 place of WCF ring-kitten, BIV of  the ring of cats of blotched colour, Best junior of siberian ring of traditional colour, Best junior(breeders choice), Best of Best Junior (second day of the show), Best Junior by the results of both days of the show

CACJx2, NOM BIS, 7 place WCF ring young (competition 35 cats)

CACJx2, 1st place WCF ring young(competition more than 20 youngsters), NOM BIS, BOS

CACx2, NOM BIS, 5 place of WCF ring adult (competition about 20 cats)

CAC(in competition)

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